Your Essential Reading List for the Start of Summer

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Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. Photograph: Alamy

In about a week or two, it will officially be the start of summer vacation for the kiddos. And as early as now, the little ones (and even the big ones) are surely psyched: just last night, my 7-year-old asked, “Where are we going this summer, Mom?”

And so our mission to plan for the best-summer-ever vacay begins now. Here’s an essential reading list to get you started.

1) Know your airline passenger rights

You will be traveling a lot the next few months—via plane, train, bus, or automobiles. While land transportation rules are pretty straightforward, airline travel can get a little tricky (especially if you consider the many airline promos that start out promising and then end up infuriating). Here’s an 8-point guide on your rights as an airline passenger—based on the Air Passenger Bill of Rights passed last December 2012. (And next time, remember to read all terms and conditions of that new airline promo.)

The Ljubljanica river in Slovenia
The Ljubljanica river in Slovenia

2) Know where to go

Depending on your budget, there’s always a new, exciting getaway you can visit for the first time. For a quick weekend trip, consider these not-so-crowded beaches near Manila.

If you have a bigger budget allocated, consider 2016’s 10-must see countries or 20 go-now destinations. If you need more options, here are 50 recommendations from A-list travel specialists and 40 new flights, new openings, and special events you may want to check out.

Turtle Island in Costa Rica
Turtle Island in Costa Rica

3) Research on the best packages

Everyone loves a good deal. If you’re traveling within the Philippines (and we do encourage this… trust us, there are so many unexplored places within our now 7,507 islands), you may want to check this out. Or check out daily travel deals from sites like TravelMall and TravelZoo. (Again, don’t forget to read the fine print!)

Wherever you end up going, just remember to HAVE FUN. You’d be surprised at what kids remember from their travels. (Tip: it’s the things you do together.)

Images from The Guardian