Are You Wearing The Right Bra Size? Find Out Here.

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We know our dress and shoe sizes by heart, most of us even have them memorized by brand. But do we pay as much attention to our bra sizes as much as our clothes’? Wearing the right bra size is not only essential to a comfortable fit, it actually has a lot to do with achieving a beautiful silhouette, making us look better in our clothes.

For the past few years, undergarment manufacturers have given more attention to giving women the right fit, which also gave rise to more women discovering that they have been wearing the wrong bra size for years! To find out if you are actually wearing the right size, here is a bra fitting video by Australian undergarments company, Bras N’ Things.

3-step Bra Fitting Guide

1. The Band

Did you know that your bra’s band supplies 80% of support? When fitting, make sure that the bra is secured by the last row of hooks. It should lie horizontally across your back in line with the bottom of the cups. It should be snug, however, you should also be able to run your fingers under the band comfortably.

2. The Straps

The straps provide the remaining 20% of support. The straps should not be loose that they fall off your shoulders, but not so tight that they leave red marks on your skin. A simple test is that you should be able to run your fingers under the straps.

3. The Cups

Make sure that no part of your breasts are spilling over the cup edges but at the same time, there shouldn’t be any spaces in the cups that your breasts have not filled in. The underwire is the most important part–it should lie comfortably right under your breasts. Make sure that no part of the cups are riding up the sides of your breasts and that the center of the bra shouldn’t be pulling away from your chest. If you see a space in the center of the bra, you need a bigger size.

Need more help? Take this bra fitting quiz from Victoria’s Secret.


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