Turn An Ordinary Bookshelf Into A Reading Nook

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Do you guys love to read? I do. I LOVE to read. I love everything about reading. From getting sucked into another person’s life, story and surroundings, to the smell of book paper and the excitement of hoarding books that I know will take me months to read.

Remember that scene in Beauty and Beast where Belle sees Beast’s library for the very first time? That was basically me she was emulating. Even as a child, I’ve always wanted my own little library or reading nook. Just a couple of shelves of books, a comfy chair I can sit on for hours and a sturdy reading lamp. It’s my introverted self’s glorious dream. That is why when I saw this DIY, I actually got very excited! I was so close to toppling over one of the bookcases in the house and throwing a cushion over it!

This DIY reading bench from Nifty is truly a reader’s very achievable dream.

Your welcome.


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