Tips To Make Wearing Heels More Comfortable

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It’s a continuing struggle for most women to find comfortable heels that we can wear day in and day out. We splurge on expensive brands hoping that we can actually walk in them and not look like we’re walking on glass all the way to work. And I’m sure you’re with me on this when I say there is nothing more unflattering than a woman trying to look comfortable walking in a pair of heels when she is clearly not.

Fret not, ladies, for this article penned by Carina Wolff of gives us hacks that will make walking in heels less painful. Some of the tips will surprise you, but it’s worth a try–I know I will. Can you say hallelujah?

Here are the more unusual “heel hacks” worth trying:

Use deodorant

Yes, you read that right. Deodorant reduces chaffing and prevents blisters as it acts like a barrier by reducing moisture.

Tape your toes

Apparently, taping the 3rd and 4th toes together takes the pressure off the ball of the foot where most of the pressure is applied.

Use Moleskin

Moleskin is soft and stays dry. Cut out pieces and place them around friction areas such as the back of the shoe to prevent from blisters.

Walk the walk

You walk a certain way in heels. It’s not like walking on flats. So practice walking at home wearing your heels before taking them out to town. Keep your back straight and your core muscles engaged when you walk. It’s a work out, but practice makes perfect.

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