This Video Hit Home… Hard

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As busy moms who constantly want and need a “time out”—from work, from our kids, and from all our responsibilities—this video really resonated with us.

It has been said many times that technology is the “other parent” for most kids these days, and for those moments when we feel we need a break, we admit to have called on this other parent to spend time with the kids. Yes, guilty as charged.

This video from Nature Valley (part of their #RediscoverNature campaign) is a great reminder on why this other parent shouldn’t always be around. Technology is great, and it would be naive of us to say that kids these days don’t need access to the wonders of modern science and technology. But as with all things, moderation is key.

Our greatest takeaway from this video: We have to take on an active role in helping build wonderful childhood memories for our kids. I think everyone will agree.

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