The Ideal Camp

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Picture this: You’re lying in the comforts of the softest bedding you’ve ever had; when you turn to look up, what you see is the tender white wisps of clouds cruising across the vast expanse of the calm blue sky. You close your eyes to inhale, roll onto your side and open your eyes up again as you exhale, now this time you see miles of lush greenery: trees scattered with tall unkempt grass, both swaying in sync with the wind. You check the other side of you, and it’s a few feet to a cliff; past that is the sea with waves extending out on the horizon. Does it feel like heaven?

Imagine if you could appreciate the beauty of nature in 360 degrees with the added luxury of complete comfort, no itchy grass or pesky mosquitoes to bother you. Lithuanian designer, Vytautas Puzeras, has developed something that will let you do exactly that and he calls it “Oasis”: a clear tent in the form of a dome.

The reason behind the structure’s shape is to promote positive energy and a sense of safety, as it appears the arches envelop you but at the same time still allow you to see everything with clarity.

The “Oasis” can be built in half a day, which can be transported and fit into small trailers or big cars. The heavenly bubble’s arches are made of segmented veneer, while what covers it is special glass-clear canopy. It has a bottom capsule to keep bags and large traveling items like sailboards and kites. The minimalist design was intended to keep anything irrelevant out of sight for a more peaceful space to spend in meditation or the company of others as it can fit six people. Imagine spending vacation with your family in that beaut!

oasis 5

oasis 6

Puzeras is still testing the dome in varying circumstances to ensure safety of using the “Oasis” and plans to add a few more details like sun batteries, which would be a source of energy so people can charge devices or add small refrigerators. So until this gets released, we can just wait and dream about lounging about or stargazing inside the magnificent little dome.

Read more about Puzeras’ creation here.

Photos: Puzero  

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