The Hotel That Takes Eco-Friendly To Another Level

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We’re used to the little notes in hotel rooms that tell us to reuse towels or shut off the faucet if we’re not using it for conservation purposes, but how many hotels have you been to that really goes the extra mile?

1 Hotel Central Park opened in New York August 5 this year and so far it’s proved to be a fantastic retreat for travelers visiting the city because not only does it serve well, but it makes a visible effort to promote eco-friendliness. The view of the building’s façade alone is enough to pique any passerby’s interest considering the design makes use of earthly materials: from vibrant green ivies decorating the first three stories’ walls to heavy steel-framed main doors with 16,000 twigs splayed across its body. Glass windows surround its first floors, offering a peek into the beautiful rustic interiors, consequently inviting you in, asking you to stay a night or two. We can tell you now that you’re sure to get your money’s worth staying in this beaut.

2Aside from the stunning interiors, the hotel makes use of electronic check-ins, filtered tap clean for drinking, bedside blackboards instead of notepads, Nexus devices loaded with readable newspapers and magazines, and an app providing guests with a list of services offered. The food and drinks are under the care of chef Jonathan Waxman, who uses organic ingredients to create a gastronomical delight for everyone who dines at the hotel.

The best part about the hotel? It’s a block away from New York’s Central Park, making it an even more ideal spot for your next out-of-the-country vacation. After spending a calming session of relaxation at the hotel, you can take your family out for a refreshing walk in the park. Talk about embracing nature, right?

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