The Benefits Of Houseplants

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Keeping gorgeous greens around the house doesn’t just add aesthetic value to the space; there are some fantastic benefits that come with it, too.

Plants shouldn’t be kept in your home just for the sake of going with the fad, keep them around because they do more for you and your family than you realize. They purify the air; photosynthesize to boost oxygen levels; and control humidity, helping prevent the likeliness of catching viral infections.

While most plants would seem like a great addition to your home’s interiors, there are a few, which prove to be more suited indoors among all others for good reasons. See the list of our six picks below.

Aloe Plant
Perhaps the most common plant you’ll find indoors. Though it needs quite a lot of sunlight to really flourish, it will survive with being watered only once a week. It can soothe skin burns and cuts as well as eliminate harmful chemicals that come with cleaning products.

Rubber Tree
The rubber tree eliminates toxins and cleans the air. It’s easy to maintain, as it doesn’t need direct sunlight, just cool temperature.

Peace Lily
The peace lily works similar to the rubber tree, eliminating toxins and cleans the air as well. It also thrives best in cool temperatures and requires minimal water.

Snake Plant
The snake plant is a low maintenance plant, which doesn’t need that much sunlight and only needs to be watered twice a week. It photosynthesizes at night, adding clean air to the space, making it a good choice for the bedroom.

Spider Plant
Declared by NASA as one of the best air-purifying plants as it fights a number of pollutants. It doesn’t need direct sunlight, but a good watering every now and then will help.

English Ivy
Another plant in NASA’s list of best air-filtering houseplants as it absorbs formaldehyde well. They work well with interiors especially if they’re hung as they create an elegant cascade of greenery, however they do need four hours of direct sunlight and moderate temperatures to survive.

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Which plants do you plan on putting in your home? Share it with us in the Comments!