Small Life Changes You Can Make Today For A Better 2018

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We all want every year to be better than the last, that is why we have new year’s resolutions. While turning a new leaf is exciting, it’s pretty daunting as well, which is why we usually slide back to our old ways where it is comfortable and secure. To make things easier and achievable on everyone, we recommend not making drastic changes to your usual routines. Instead, just make small life changes which are more manageable and realistic.

Here are some life changes you can make today to help you on your way to a better 2018.


Drink more water. Consuming water is like breathing, so no changes needed there. All you have to do is drink more of it. According to Mayo Clinic, we should be drinking about 3-4 liters of water per day, but more if you live in humid climates, are exercising or suffering from sickness. Drinking water cleanses the body and keeps our organs functioning at optimum capacity. Plus, it aids in proper weight loss.


Remove your makeup before washing your face. If you think washing your makeup off with soap and water is enough, think again. Most makeup are made with oil based products which means water can’t completely rinse it off. Invest in a good oil-based makeup remover and give your face a good cleansing before washing your face at night. You’ll have lesser breakouts and wake up with a fresher face this year, guaranteed.


Be on time. We have all gotten used to “Manila time” that being late is already part of our culture. We can blame it on the traffic, sure. But being chronically late has been a sickness in this country since way before our roads have been clogged with automobiles. We implore you, in your next meeting or in your next brunch, do make the effort to be on time. Leave earlier than you’re used to, plan your routes and have foresight when it comes to traffic as it is no longer an excuse. Being on time is showing respect for those you’re meeting, that should be enough reason to be on time.


Be thankful, always. Being grateful for your blessings, however big or small, transcends all beliefs and religions. Knowing that what you have are all blessings from a higher power will teach you how to cherish them more. Gratefulness grounds us and teaches us how to be content.


Send greeting cards. Keeping in touch has become so easy with the advent of social media. So let’s bring it back to the old school and send greeting cards by snail mail. When I receive actual birthday cards from my sister from the US, it makes me feel extra special. It tells me that she took the time to go out, chose and bought a card, then she sat down and though carefully about what to say before writing it down (because there’s no delete button), and she mailed it a month before my birthday, so that it will arrive just in time. The simple act of sending me that greeting card told me that she really thought of me through the whole process. It sure beats a Facebook birthday greeting any day.


Pause and breathe. This one serves two purposes: for parenting and for self preservation because as we all know, one dearly affects the other when you have children.

We all have different parenting styles, however, there is one thing we all have (or don’t have) that is essential to parenting, and that is patience. The next time you feel a meltdown coming on, try to “extend” whatever iota of patience you have by pausing and breathing before blowing up in front of your kids. It does wonders to your kids’ emotional well being and preserving your sanity.

When it comes to self preservation, find time to pause and breathe every single day. Yes, I’m talking about the elusive “me time”, but better. Most moms think of “me time” as time away from the kids that needs to be planned, like a day out getting your hair done or having coffee with friends. While that is highly recommended, usually, we never get around to it as we are just too busy with work or mothering duties that time for ourselves keeps on getting postponed until we are so in need of it that a trip to the salon just won’t cut it.

We recommend small pockets of “me time” every single day. It could be as simple as one Netflix episode before you turn in to bed at night, or a couple of pages from that book you’ve been wanting to read while you get a quick bite to eat. It could also be that extra 5 minutes you use to put on liquid eyeliner or a quick downward facing dog before you start the morning hustle. These small doses of “me time” every day will keep you grounded and will serve as a daily reminder that you deserve as much love as you give your children every day.

Here’s wishing all of you a better 2018!


What do you think of these tips? Any tips you want to share? Tell us in the Comments.