A Simple Yet Festive Moana Themed Party

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To celebrate her 7th birthday, my daughter Lucia, requested for a Moana themed party. I figured as much since every other little girl loves the Polynesian warrior princess. Personally, I also love Moana as she didn’t need a prince to help or save her. In fact, she even helped a demigod regain his powers. Despite limitations set by tradition, she blazed her own trail and proved herself worthy of governing and providing for her people. It has to be said, however, that what I love most about Moana is that it finally took over the themed party scene from Frozen. LOL.

I’ve always enjoyed styling my kids’ parties, and this time was no different. I envisioned a small party full of color and festive details to honor the inspiring Disney film. Immediately, I knew I wanted there to be a lot of flowers and greenery and hints of sand and sea. I also pictured rustic details such as woven mats, tiki torches and coconuts to highlight the tribal feel of the film.

To execute my vision, I made huge paper flowers and leaves and filled the backdrop of the dessert table with them. I placed them around the edges of the backdrop so it surrounded my daughter’s name, which as beautifully carved out of styrofoam in the signature Moana font, by my sister, Nins Evangelista, who co-owns Happycrueltree, a woodwork, crafts and production design company.

Big colorful paper flowers, woven mats and tiki torches complemented Lucia’s name in blue Moana font.
I kept the details rustic by using wooden blocks and leaves on the dessert table.
I didn’t have a Hei Hei toy to display, so a wooden ethnic chicken statue did the trick. I also included pineapples in the decor to add more Polynesian flair to the dessert table.

The dessert table was laid out with yummy treats baked by Sugar Mom in adorable Moana details. For the birthday cake, I preferred a more understated look. I chose a 1-tiered chocolate cake with marbled blue and white buttercream icing that mimicked the waves of the sea. It was topped with 3 hibiscus flowers as an ode to Moana and Polynesia.

Moana themed sweet treats by Sugar Mom.
Simple but pretty is all you need for a tasteful themed cake
Don’t you just love these cupcakes with Maui’s Hook and hibiscus flowers?
Adorable red velvet pineapple cake pops

What I loved most in achieving the look of the party was producing the table centerpieces. I made little vases out of real coconuts and filled each with tropical greenery and flowers. I included a cut-out image of one of the movie’s main characters in each as well.

I loved making these DIY table centerpieces. I bought coconuts from the wet market and turned them into rustic vases filled with fake flowers and leaves I bought from Divisoria.
The seafaring warrior princess.

As party favors for the guests, we gave out leis, which is a Hawaiian symbol for affection.

My daughter’s friends, in their celebratory leis.
Make a wish, Lucia!
With my birthday girl.

Would you like us to style your parties? Leave a message here or give us a call at 09178430241 or call Happycrueltree at 09178459641.

Photos: Ronan Capili Photography

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