Shop The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type

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Summer is almost here! While this comes with visions of frolicking in the beach, most of us (if not all) also stress about dieting to get our bikini bods beach ready. While it’s a perfectly acceptable goal to want to look good in a swimsuit, most of us fail to realize that starving ourselves just to fit into that tiny number isn’t the best way to go about looking great in a swimsuit.

In picking the perfect swim wear, just like in picking the perfect outfit, silhouette is everything. And to determine the most flattering swimsuit that will make you look like the bronzed beach goddess you already are, you first have to identify your body type. Because admit it, us mere mortals are not gifted with Victoria’s Secret Angel bodies, and frankly, there is no shame in that! Know your body type and own it. It’s the only way you’ll look and FEEL great in whatever you wear–whether to the office, or to the beach.

Check out this infographic from Onestep Retail Solutions for some helpful tips on identifying your body type and picking the perfect swim wear that suits you.



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