Senior’s Fashion: Older Women Share Their Style

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Got a passion for fashion? A group of older women share their style and serve as solid proof that with age comes knowledge, confidence, and flourishing beauty.

We wanted to bring back a video originally shared by Nowness in 2011 because of the inspiring message it leaves for women who love fashion, but may limit themselves because of others’ opinions. The feature short feature is about photographer Ari Seth Cohen’s muses on the blog Advanced Style; older women share their style and what’s behind their fashion sense.

Upon first glance it’s quite obvious that these women have a vivid adoration for color, the boldness of the pieces they select to complete their looks necessitate a certain kind of fearlessness, and true enough when spoken to they exude the confidence you know is only gained with age. Throughout the feature, as they speak their minds about fashion and how they wear their clothes, they offer a couple of notably helpful tips for younger women to remember and perhaps live by. Some we’ve listed down are these:

1. Dress to be chic, not to look “crazy.” That being said, the definition of chic varies, it’s subjective and gives you no right to dictate how others understand chic.
2. Dress for yourself. More than anything, the reason for how you dress should always be based on what you feel most comfortable in. It could change on a day-to-day basis and that’s okay.
3. Don’t be afraid. So you’ll look different or maybe it’s not “in style,” the point is that what you wear is a part of who you are. Dressing up isn’t for anyone else, after all, you dress up to make you

At the end of the short video, one of the women leaves advice for the younger generation watching, encouraging embracing the experience that accompanies age: “Young woman, you’re going to be an old woman someday; don’t worry about it, don’t sweat it. Don’t worry about getting older; every era, it builds character.”

Watch the full video below.

The blog Advanced Style is still very much alive, so if you’re looking for more inspiration from these older women, you can find it here.

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