Romantic Homemade Dinners For Two

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With restaurants packed with couples on Valentine’s Day, it’s not easy to set yourselves apart from everyone else in making your Valentine’s Day more special than most. In my experience, what makes something truly special is the thought, effort and love you put into it. And what could be more special than a special home-cooked meal you lovingly slaved over, just for you and your husband to share this Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to Tasty, here are three easy 3-course home cooked meal options you can whip up in your very own kitchen for a simple yet romantic Valentine’s date for two. Make these for breakfast, lunch or dinner, whatever the time of day, you won’t go wrong with any of these easy to follow recipes.

Brunch for Two


Pasta Dinner for Two


Steak Dinner for Two


What do you think of these homemade meal recipes for two? Share your thoughts in the Comments.