Real Dads Play With Barbie Dolls

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This heartwarming ad about dads playing Barbie with their daughters is so awww-worthy, we can’t stop watching it.

Dads Who Play Barbie shows fathers who are your regular man’s man, who ride dirt bikes, play football on weekends and go out for drinks with their buddies, playing pretend with their daughters with the help of Barbie and Ken.

The message of the video is subtle but clear–encourage and participate in your child’s dreams. When children play with dolls, they pretend to be different people: doctors, teachers, astronauts, fire fighters, even yoga instructors. And indulging them in their imaginary worlds widens their perspective on the possibilities of what they can become in the future. Like one father said, “I think she can be anything she wants to be, or all of them.”

When a father plays dolls with their daughters, it also shows that it’s okay, that it is completely acceptable to do girl things even if you’re a man. It shows their daughters that real men should be sensitive and should be in touch with their softer sides. It shows balance and breaks down preordained notions about the gender divide. But most importantly, it shows support. As a father and a parent, it is essential to see them through their dreams. “You would do anything… anything to make her happy,” one man says, and that is the true meaning of being a father.

So to all dads, go play with dolls with your daughters today.


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