Raising—And Dressing!—3 Beautiful Daughters

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By: Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario


I have 3 daughters, Nadia who is 10, Sonia who is 5 (though sometimes it feels like 16) and my littlest one is Katia, who is 3. Outside of work, I am constantly with at least one of them. I try to make any time, quality time.

Our home life is quite ordinary. My favorite time is at the dinner table where we share stories of the day. My girls are all chatterboxes so my husband, Armand, and I usually just sit and listen, many times laughing silently at their antics. Our children are our shared blessings. They are kind, sweet, funny, smart in their own ways, and all absolutely beautiful, inside and out.


I always tell my children, being beautiful on the outside will always come secondary to their consideration towards others, their integrity, and their intelligence. These are the things that matter most. They were lucky, born with unique flawless features, but these inherent qualities will only take them so far. My job as a mother is to make sure they know that beauty goes way beyond what you see when you look in the mirror—it is really about who you see. I want them to grow up understanding that being good citizens and being loyal, honest, and patient towards others speak more of their character than their looks ever will.

Georgia’s little angels: Sonia, Nadia, and Katia
Georgia’s little angels: Sonia, Nadia, and Katia

I teach them to always be well-mannered and respectful towards others, outspoken but open to other’s beliefs and ideals and to work hard at their God given talents. Nadia is a phenomenal dancer, something I want her to hone, while Sonia and Katia seem to take a liking to sports.

However, they are growing up to be women. Therefore, hygiene and carrying themselves properly is also quite important. The basics such as bathing properly, brushing their teeth well, and picking appropriate outfits for each occasion are skills I would like for them to perfect. This will inevitably add to their confidence, which is another very important characteristic I hope for each of my girls.

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L-R: Nadia has her own casual chic style; Katia in a fun halter and denim jumper ensemble; Georgia and Sonia in matching swimsuits


I always tell my children, being beautiful on the outside will always come secondary to their consideration towards others, their integrity, and their intelligence.

– Georgia


In dressing all of my girls, I’ve always just followed my instincts. I like dressing up myself, so to have these three little dolls has been an amazing experience since day one. I won’t lie, I love to make them wear matching outfits, and even match their outfits with mine! But I also have to remember to respect their tastes and style choices.

My eldest daughter is probably my biggest challenge because we could not be more different—I like everything girly, pastels and whites, while she prefers sneakers, blues and funky accessories. Nadia already likes to dress herself. Last Christmas she sat me down and asked (well begged) if this could be the last year for the matching Christmas dresses. Of course I had to oblige.

Sonia probably will be the most like me in style preferences, very feminine and would wear party dresses everyday if she could get away with it. As a toddler, all her onesies had to be paired with a tutu! She also plays soccer in a skirt because she thinks it ‘girlies’ up the jersey. It looks so adorable that she gets away with it.

Katia is at the stage wherein she loves pink. Being very obedient, she has never once argued with me about what she is wearing. She has the most doll-like features, so how can I not love dressing her in little outfits? She loves to go swimming so we love our bathing suits and teeny weenie bikinis!

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These girls love to get all dolled-up every Halloween. Last year, they went as Tinkerbelle, Tiger Lilly and Wendy from Peter Pan



When I take them shopping, they usually gravitate towards color palettes and shapes they like. But when I see that they are in need of basics like tops, leggings or jeans, I just usually shop on my own.

I love shopping abroad for my girls because of the unique options you can’t necessarily find here in Manila. That being said, we also have so many stores that have opened in the last few years—H&M has a great children’s section, along with Cotton On and Uniqlo. But because I love Spanish brands, Sferra and Zara are fun stops as well. Of course, department stores like Rustan’s and SM have so many choices, so it’s best to go when you have something specific in mind. I am also a big fan of Gingersnaps. I have been shopping there since my first was born. The store alone was made for a mother of young daughters.

Georgia’s 5 Lifehacks on Shopping for your Kids

1. Bring a drawing of their foot in your wallet – kids’ feet grow so quickly, it is the only way to get the perfect measurement
2. Know your children’s US and EU sizes for clothes – many local stores pattern after one of the two options
3. When shopping with the kids, I find it most productive going one on one, so that you can focus on that child and his/her preference
4. Hand me downs. Definitely, 100%. I still have their pretty embroidered dresses sealed and kept for their own daughters one day.
5. In terms of shopping budget, my rule is simple: be fair and spend an equal amount on each of them.

Georgia runs tonguetraveling.com. Follow her on Instagram @sweetestgeorgiapeach

Photos: Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario

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