Packing Tips For A Family Vacation

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Summer’s coming, and so are all those fun family getaways. Help make the vacation go easier by packing well.

When you’re going away for a certain amount of time, there’s no guarantee that everything will follow through perfectly, no matter how well you plan it because it’s out of your control. On the bright side, taking along well-packed bags could potentially save the day for a few mishaps and unfortunate situations that might happen. See our packing tips below.

1. Remember the 3:1 ratio. Three tops for one bottom will save you a ton of space. If you’re going somewhere cool, layer on cardigans and sweaters instead of bringing heavy jackets, unless you’re already wearing them.
2. Maximize suitcase space. Roll wrinkle-resistant garments and keep them at the bottom of the bag. Wrinkle-prone clothes should be folded and layered on top of the rolled items.
3. Bring three pairs of shoes (at the most) per person. A casual sandal, sneakers, and maybe something a little more formal are your best options. Wear the heaviest on the way so baggage won’t be too heavy.
4. Never forget the first-aid kit. You never know when an accident might occur. Ditch the regular band-aids and bring surgical tape, gauze, and scissors instead as it’s more customizable than your regular band-aids.
5. Bring reusable water bottles. Have them filled when you leave the house in case anyone gets thirsty along the way.
6. Store your gadgets and charging items in a separate bag for easier access. Store the cords and accessories neatly, and keep powerbanks around in case you end up stuck somewhere and the kids are using up the gadgets’ battery fast!
7. Regular toys are a good on-hand item. In case there isn’t any more power on the iPad, they can still play with something, at least.
8. A carry-on bag per person will come in handy. For the personal little extras, such as your child’s toys, coloring books, reading books, or anything to keep them occupied. They can also be used to store items if you’re doing outdoor activities. Keep sunscreen, towels, extra clothes, and a water bottle.
9. Bring an extra bag you can fold into your suitcase. If the personal carry-on isn’t enough, at least you’ll have this. It’ll also come in handy for those neat souvenirs you might find on vacay.
10. Always have snacks. Have things that are easy to nibble on, and other things that are filling for the off chance that you don’t get to eat lunch at lunchtime. Keep it in a pouch in case anything spills.

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