What Not To Do When Preparing Your Kids For School

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School is a huge milestone for our children, so it’s but natural for us to make sure they are prepared for the new environment that they will be exposed to for most of their young lives. As parents, we want to make sure they succeed in the classroom. However, most of us might have a skewed view of what success in the classroom really means, having been taught mostly in traditional schools. We have been “brainwashed” into thinking that high grades, and only high grades, constitutes success or being “smart”. Thus, even before our kids take their first steps into school, we start drilling them with the alphabet and having them memorize their numbers at home. While this may give them a slight “edge”, it also causes unnecessary stress.

According to this video by Brightside, it is important to not overburden our children with academics at a very early age. We should first focus on expanding their imagination, develop their abstract and logical thinking. We should play with them more as movement and play are the perfect avenues for young kids to learn. Instead of teaching them concepts they can learn from books, teach them valuable life skills to help them become independent. Most importantly, never compare their successes with the successes of other children. Accept and celebrate their own capabilities and reassure them by telling them you love them and are proud of what they have accomplished.


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