New Dove Campaign Says You Get To Decide How Beautiful You Are

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It has always been the norm to judge women by their appearances and have it used against them, limiting them from realizing their full potential and holding them back from seeing their real beauty. Dove, a brand that have always encouraged women to embrace themselves and their uniqueness, has this to say to naysayers: #MyBeautyMySay

In this new campaign, the brand features 9 women who break free from society’s expectations by declaring what makes them uniquely beautiful. Included in the roster are: boxing champ Heather Hardy, who was told to be “too pretty to fight”; androgynous model, Rain Dove, was labeled as “too boyish and ugly”; Jessica Torres, a plus size fashion blogger who was told she was “too fat… only skinny girls can dress well”; Judith, a 66-year old clinical psychologist who was branded as “too eccentric” or “hippy” in the way she dresses.

All of us have had different versions of these comments thrown our way, more times that we care to count. In fact, the latest global research conducted by Dove, says that 7 out of 10 women agree that they get more comments at work about their appearance than their achievements.

To their cynics, these are what these ladies had to say:

“My face has nothing to do with my boxing. I’m ranked No.1 in the country and No.2 in the world” – Heather

“As a fashion blogger, my style is 100% unapologetic” – Jessica

“I don’t dress my age. I dress myself the way I am.” – Judith

“You are not me, I am me” – Rain

My Beauty. My Say.



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