What Necklace Goes With That Top? Here’s A Definitive Guide

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Accessories are a must for every style savvy woman. However, one must know the rules to wearing them. No rules in fashion, you say? While fashion is indeed a form of free expression, general rules must still be applied to make sure an ensemble looks well put together.

When it comes to picking the right necklace for the right outfit, the rule of thumb is to follow your outfit’s neckline. Here is a video by beauty and style contributor, Anna De Souza, to answer all your necklace dilemmas.


Quick Guide

V-neck = Y shaped necklace
Turtleneck = long chains and pendants
Crew neck = necklace that follows the curve of the neckline or bib or collar necklaces
Open collar = short delicate chains that fall on the collar bone
Closed neck collar = short statement necklace placed under the collar
Off-shoulder, sweetheart or strapless = chokers or leave it bare. Sometimes, less is indeed more.


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