Make Your Own Easy Party Photo Booth

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Photo booths have become an essential part of every party. They’re an awesome way to get your guests into the fun party vibe and is a fabulous way to have them jump in and experience the theme of your party. Plus, pictures made at photo booths are the perfect party favors to give away to guests.

Here are tips on how to make your very own DIY party photo booth. Try it at your next party!

Make a backdrop

A fun thematic backdrop will set the stage for great memories. There are so many materials you can use, from fabric, painted plywood, a blackboard, crepe paper streamers, even printed shower curtains.

Just attach your backdrop materials from the ceiling or tape them securely on a wall. You may also use backdrop stands or portable garment racks to hang them on.

Pink painted wooden backdrop

Spruce it up

Add more texture and depth to your backdrop by adding streamers, garlands, balloons and other decor on the backdrop. You can even go crazy and combine all of them at once! Just make sure they are in line with your theme.

Props are key

Make your guests’ photo booth experience one to remember by making thematic props available for them to use. Have hats, glasses, feather boas, masks, cardboard mustaches, witty speech bubbles ready on a box next to the booth for easy access.

Use props, but only if they are in keeping with your theme

Photos to bring home

The photo booth is really for your guests to enjoy. Make their memories of your party last longer by printing out the pictures for your guests to take home. Use a Polaroid camera or have a printer ready for immediate printing.


What do you think of these tips? Share your thoughts in the Comments.