Make your Own Caipirinha Bar

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I loved this Summer Grillin’ Barbeque Party, which gave me the perfect idea for a refreshments bar for a summer outdoor party: A Caipirinha bar!

A Caipirinha is a Brazilian drink that is easy to make, requires very few ingredients, but packs a punch of flavor. It is usually just cachaca, the traditional liquor used to make caipirinha, raw sugar, crushed ice and your choice of fruit mixed together.

Muddling or crushing the fruits helps incorporate flavors better
Raw sugar and freshly crushed ice is always best
Try using other spirits besides cachaca–like vodka or rum

On your next outdoor soiree, jazz things up with your very own caipirinha bar! Here’s what you’ll need:

A variety of liquor

If you find it hard to find cachaca in our local supermarkets, spirits like vodka, rum or tequila  will do. A fun way to serve them is in individually labelled carafes or glass bottles. Give your guests the freedom to choose their poison and let the good times roll!

Fruits galore

Caipirinha is usually made with lime. Make your bar more versatile by having a variety of fruits for your guest to choose from like kiwi, lemon, and strawberries. Make sure all fruits are peeled, and sliced into small pieces so that it is easier to crush and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Serve them in individually labelled cups, wide-mouthed jars or bowls.

Crushed ice

Since crushed ice can very easily melt, we recommend serving your crushed ice fresh by having an ice machine ready. This way, the ice will always be light and flaky as opposed to stuck together in semi-melted, oddly shaped balls. It will also be a fun activity for your guests to crush their ice themselves.

Raw sugar

We recommend raw or brown sugar as it adds more depth of flavor to the drink. White sugar may be used as a substitute.

Mason jars

Who doesn’t love mason jars? Have your guests enjoy their caipirinhas in wide-mouthed mason jars with colorful paper straws.

Pestle and jigger

The pestle is to crush the fruits, which helps to incorporate the flavors better, and the jigger is to make sure you measure just the right amount of liquor in your drink.

Fresh made Strawberry Caipirinha
Refreshing Strawberry Caipirinha
The perfect strawberry caipirinha recipe

1. 1/2 cup strawberries (sliced)
2. 1/2 lime (sliced)
3. 2 1/2 teaspoons sugar
4. 1/4 cup cachaca
5. 1 cup ice (crushed)

(Photo and recipe from: strawberrysue)

Photos from Kara’s Party Ideas

Care to share your favorite summer drinks (spiked or not!)? Sound off in the Comments!