Lose Those Holiday Pounds With These 5 Simple Steps

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Getting back to work and your usual routine after the holidays is hard enough, so it’s completely understandable if you haven’t been back on that treadmill just yet. We are only human after all. However, if you want those extra pounds you’ve gained over the past month to disappear, then you’ve got to get back on track with your diet and fitness regimen real soon.

Here are 5 very simple steps you can do today to slowly send you on your way to getting your pre-holiday weight back.


That’s right, sleep. Did you know that people who sleep 7-8 hours a day lose more calories at rest (when sitting on the couch watching Netflix) than people who sleep a lot less? Also, sleeping longer eradicates late night eating binges which is a huge factor in weight gain. And did I mention that sleep also boosts fat loss? So starting tonight, why not turn off your laptop (and put your phone down) a little earlier and hit the sack.

Drink more water

Water is an appetite suppressant. So drink a glass of water before meals to make you feel full even before you take your first bite. Sometimes, when you feel hungry in between meals, it’s just your body telling you it’s thirsty. So take a swig of water rather than grabbing a bag of chips. Also, replace all colored drinks like juices, sodas and coffee (if you can) with water.


If you’re not yet “ready” to work out, just find any excuse to get up off your ass and move. You can start by walking to the bus stop instead of having someone drive you there. How about taking the stairs up to your floor rather than using the elevator? A nice walk around the park or the city after your lunch break is also a good idea.

Lessen your usual food intake

Easy. Think of how much food you were eating during the holidays and lessen that by a quarter or by half. Going on a crash diet is always a bad idea. The key word to a successful diet is sustainability. That means a diet you can comfortably carry out as a lifestyle change (meaning forever) and not just for short periods of time.

Limit desserts

While this seems to be a big sacrifice for a lot of us, especially me, it can be done. Let’s say you’re used to having 2-3 cookies per day, then try to eat just 1. However, it would be more effective if you limit having sugary treats only on the weekends when you’re usually out with friends and family. If you’re the type of person who can’t live without dessert, there are a lot of yummy organic, grain-free, sugar-free alternatives in the market you can indulge on.


What do you think of these tips? Let us know in the Comments.