Essentials of a Backyard Camping Party

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Loralee Soong, Founder and Executive Director of the SOFA Design Institute, knows a thing or two about throwing parties. For her twin daughters’ 7th party last February, Loralee threw a camping-inspired party right at her backyard. “Our family loves the outdoors,” she shares. “Kids thought of the theme so they can experience camping with their friends too.”

Loralee hired a carpenter to build makeshift tents and bought chairs from Divisoria


“You don’t need to spend a fortune for a fun and memorable party for your kids and their friends,” she adds. “Lots of great party ideas are now available online which you can easily do at home.”

Gabbie and Noelle’s party is one such great idea. The party started at 4pm with some arts and crafts activites. At 5:30 pm, they started a bonfire and lit torches around the “camp area,” with Loralee’s good friend, Jo Legaspi, a preschool teacher, leading the group. By evening, kids went on a scavenger hunt using flashlights that came with the loot bags.

Here’s how Loralee put everything together:

The party started with arts and crafts activities.


The arts and crafts table


Preschool teacher Jo Legaspi led the camp activities.


Hotdogs roasting and smores making


“Kids thought of the theme so they can experience camping with their friends too.”

– Loralee

Kids ready to go camping!


Even these little boys are ready to camp out!


Happy birthday, Gabbie and Noelle!
Happy birthday, Gabbie and Noelle!


• Camp chairs were bought for P100 each in Divisoria
• Carpenters made the makeshift tents, made from wood and muslin (plain weave cotton fabric), purchased for P50 per yard
• Tiki torches, checkered table cloth, lanterns, jars for trail mix bar were also all purchased in Divisoria
• An old large pan held the “bonfire pit”


• Arts & Crafts: paint leaf casting, paper boat making
• Fishing game (in the pool); kids also made the boats they made float in the pool
• Birthday chant
• Relay
• Scavenger hunt
• Camp songs around the campfire
• Marshmallow and hotdog roasting
• Smores making


• Mini flashlights P15
• Binoculars P15
• Water bottle P30
• Whistle P10
• Bubbles P5
• Worms in slime P5

Party Food

• Hotdog & Burger bar
• Baked macaroni
• Fried chicken
• Fruit skewers


Great Party Idea: Build Your Own Trail Mix

• Marshmallows
• Assorted nuts
• Favorite cereals of the twins
• Popcorn
• Banana chips
• Raisins
• M&Ms
• Skittles
• Twins’ favorite cereals

Photos  by Loralie Soong

What other outdoors-inspired kiddie party themes would you want to read about? Let us know in the Comments!