Are You Equipped To Save Your Child’s Life?

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Did you know that you only have 10 MINUTES to revive a person from the second his heart stops? What if that person is your friend, your husband, or God forbid, your child? I was completely bowled over when this information was made known to me. Ten minutes is definitely not enough time to get to any hospital here in Manila considering the ‘normal’ traffic situation we have now… unless you live right next to it. So I feel so relieved that I was able to learn how to perform CPR and other first aid procedures at the MothersAtWorkHub’s Training Camps.

An advocacy by my good friend, Mawi De Ocampo, the MothersAtWorkHub Training Camps were launched in line with her blog, She aims to help parents through peace of mind, knowing that parents and their helpers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage choking, burns and other emergencies. “Through this workshop we hope to educate parents and caregivers so they can learn to keep their families safe”, Mawi adds.

In the first Training Camp module I attended, I was taught, together with other parents and yayas, how to perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver by medics from Pilipinas 911. We were also taught basic first aid such as what to do about burns, cuts and bruises, sprains or broken bones, head injuries and more. We were also briefed about earthquake preparedness and safety.


I feel empowered by the knowledge I gained from the Training Camp. Knowing that I am now equipped with the necessary tools to save my loved ones’ lives if ever the need arises, is by far, the best decision I have ever made as a wife and mother.

We at Kate, urge you to take part in this advocacy and find time to attend MothersAtWorkHub Training Camps. Let’s not leave anything to chance especially if it involves our loved ones’s health and lives.



1. Respiratory Arrest – there is a pulse, but the person is not breathing.
2. Cardiac Arrest – no pulse and the person is not breathing.


1. The first thing you should do is call for help and make sure an ambulance is on the way.
2. Make sure the person is on a flat surface.
3. Kneel down beside the chest area of the person in need.
4. Place the base of your dominant hand (where it meets your wrist) on the center of the persons chest (on the sternum)
5. Place your other hand over your dominant hand and interlace your fingers for stability.
6. Lock your elbows and lean into the person. You are using your body weight to push down.
7. PUSH HARD AND PUSH FAST – the depth of each push should be 2 inches deep and there should be 100 to 120 compressions per minute. An easy guide would be to follow the beat of the Bee Gees song, Staying Alive. It’s a funny coincidence, but it’s true.

Here is a video demonstrating All Hands CPR from the American Heart Association.


According to the American Heart Association, All Hands CPR is recommended only for teens and adults. For infants and children 1-8 years old, the conventional CPR (with breath compressions) is recommended. Refer to the videos below on how to perform CPR on children and infants respectively:

How to perform CPR on an Infant from St. John Ambulance.

How to perform CPR on a child from Seattle Children’s Hospital.



1. Stand behind the person. Wrap your arms around the waist, tip the person forward slightly.
2. Make a fist with your dominant hand. Position it about 2 fingers above the person’s navel.
3. Grasp the fist with the other hand and press hard into the person’s abdomen with a quick inward and upward motion.
4. Repeat 5 times, more if needed.

Here’s is video on how perform the Heimlich Maneuver on an adult by

How to perform theHeimlich Maneuver on children and infants from the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

For more information on the MothersAtWorkHub Training Camps, please contact Mawi De Ocampo at 09177017593. You may check theirFacebook: mothersatworkhub and Instagram: mothersatworkhub for updates.

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