DIY Tree Ornaments

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Maybe you’ve started decorating your home for the season; set up your tree, changed the sheets into perfectly color coordinated Christmas hues; hung up stockings, wreaths, and Christmas lights; and all you might be needing are just a few more finishing touches to make it perfect. Might we suggest dainty little ornaments you’ve made yourself?

We’ve discovered a simple DIY project of creating a rustic tree ornament out of few and inexpensive materials that anyone can follow! The tutorial was on The Lovely Drawer, an artist’s den with a plethora of DIY tutorials and sources of creative inspiration.

What You’ll Need

White paint
Copper wire
White cotton string
Glue gun




1. Cut the twigs into lengths that follow big to small so they can form a triangular shape. Set pressure on the twigs with scissors first for a cleaner break when you snap it apart with your hands.
2. Paint the pieces with white stripes of varying widths and locations you have with your brush. No need to make it neat, allow the stripes to look as rugged as you please.
3. In the meantime, while allowing the paint to dry, shape a star out with your copper wire by bending the corners with pliers. Twist the two ends together to secure its shape.
4. Cut out another strip of wire to make the body of your tree—make sure that all the twigs will fit (with allowance for space between each twig). Secure one end to the star by wrapping it around the corner where the star is secured.
5. Heat the glue gun.
6. Lay the twigs down across the length of the wire. When you’re happy with the placement, stick it to the wire with dots of hot glue.
7. Thread string through the star, knot, and you’re good to go!


Photos: Thelovelydrawer 

What other kinds of ornaments do you think you could make with the same items? Tell us in the Comments!