DIY Pom-Pom Rug

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This DIY fluffy pom-pom rug from Nifty is a summer craft we can’t wait to try. Besides being made out of affordable, easy to find materials, it’s a cinch to make! Plus, you can play around with different colors to match any room in your house.


You will need:

Non-slip rug mat
Paper towel roll


1. Cut about 4-inches of yarn and set aside.
2. Cut the paper towel roll in half, tape the two halves together.
3. Roll yarn around the paper towel rolls around 30 times. More turns/rolls will make thicker pompoms.
4. Carefully slide the yarn off the paper towel roll.
5. Using the 4-inch yarn, tie the loops of yarn at the center.
6. Cut the yarn at the loops to separate them.
7. Trim edges to form an even round shape.
8. Attached the pompom to the rug mat using the ends of the string that secures the yarn. Make sure to tie tightly.
9. Repeat process till you have completed the rug.


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