DIY Paint Chip Wreath

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If you went for minimalist Christmas decorating like we’d suggested a couple of weeks back, we’ve got news! We found a fantastic DIY decoration to add that special something to your holiday interiors: a Paint Chip Wreath. It’s a beautiful piece that can help accentuate your home with fun and bright colors that adhere to your main color themes for the season. We found the project at Hipster Mum’s blog where a number of fun lifestyle posts, which ranges from parenting to styling, can be read.

Before you get started on making the lovely wreath, we suggest putting on some holiday music to set the mood. Keep our playlist in the background!

The Christmas Playlist from kateph on 8tracks Radio.

What You’ll Need

Paint Chip Samples/Colored Paper
Styrofoam/Wire/Wooden Wreath
Florist Wire
Glue Gun



1. Choose a single color to use. It could be emerald or teal; pick out its shades going from dark to light for that gradient effect on the wreath you’re making. If you don’t have access to paint swatches, you can always opt to buy construction paper in the color you want, or print out color swatches yourself on thick paper. You may download color swatches here, but make sure you select the JPG library so you can print it. 

2. Cut the color swatches into leaves. The leaves must each be 8 cm long. If you have trouble with cutting freehand, cut out a guide on scrap paper and trace it over your paint chips so you can carve around your outline. You would need to make 90 leaves in total to create your wreath.

3. To finish the leaves, make a fold down its middle to make it look realistic.

4. Set your wreath’s frame. Before attaching any of the cut out leaves, fashion a hook out of your florist wire to the back of the frame so you can hang the wreath up properly.

5. Arrange the leaves around the frame. Lay out your leaves according to shade. The lightest shade should be at the top, while the darkest has to be opposite it at the bottom.

6. Plug in your glue gun and wait for it to heat up. Stick the leaves around the wreath. Be sure to hide the base of the leaves, which are attached to the frame, with the next leaf. You may use 3-6 leaves of the same shade before moving on to the next.

Photos: Hipstermum 

Do you have any other DIY Christmas décor in mind, which you’d like to see and learn to do? Tell us in the Comments!