DIY Easy Homemade Banana Bread

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I love searching the internet for new recipes to try. When I came upon HGTV’s Fixer Upper host Joanna Gaines’s fresh banana bread recipe in her blog, Magnolia, I knew I had to try it.


After following her recipe to the tee the first time, I made a couple of small adjustments to her recipe to fit my taste.

First, I figured since bananas here in the Philippines are so much smaller than the ones in the US, I used 6-8 bananas (depending on the size) instead of just four. Also, I used over ripe lacatan bananas because they are so much sweeter than the latundan variety. Since lacatan bananas are already very sweet, I lessened the sugar to 3/4 of a cup. I prefer my banana bread to have a little crunch so I added 1/2 cups of chopped walnuts. The result was a banana bread that had a more intense banana taste that was not too sweet. And I loved the added texture of the walnuts.

This is how my version it looked like, coming out of the oven. It also filled the kitchen with such a yummy freshly baked sweet smell that made my mouth water. It tasted as good as it smelled, too!





Any homemade recipes you want to share? Let is know in the Comments.