DIY Dry Erase Boards

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HalfColumn_SquareIf you’re one to make lists on scratch and end up losing them, perhaps try this on for size: an eye-catching dry erase board. They’re an inexpensive way to recycle old picture frames you’re not using, and unlike scrap paper they’re not as easy to lose, and unlike chalkboards they’re dust-free. What’s more is that you can design these in any way you want, plus they take less than five minutes if you’re designing them with fancy decorative paper.

What You’ll Need

Picture frame
Decorative paper (optional)


All you need to do to put it together is to cut the decorative paper according to your frame’s size by tracing the outline of the glass and following the ruled guide. If you feel like adding specific text to the board’s design for different purposes like the family meal plan, you can write MENU on the paper before locking it into the frame. Once you finish, you just need to hang it up or rest it in a safe space.

You can use different kinds of markers on the glass: window markers, chalk markers, and dry erase markers. If you have difficulty completely erasing the markers, you can always get help from glass cleaners.

Photo: Realsimple

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