DIY Advent Calendar Design Ideas

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What better way to get your kids excited for the holidays than making a creative advent calendar? We’ve gathered together a number of different ways to create your own fun calendar for your kids to feast their eyes on and keep the anticipation of each new day up.

via Ohhappyday

1. Keep it simple with boxes and little tree figurines.
If you’re not particularly good with crafts this is perfect for you! Ohhappyday has instructions on how to pull the advent calendar together and free downloadable templates for you to use to mark each day of the calendar.

via Tellloveandparty

2. For the craftsy minimalist mom, you can make your own colorful trees.
It’s simple origami and it won’t take too much of your time! See the instructions and free downloadable template here.

via Ebabee

3. If you’d like to make a different kind of forest, maybe this origami would suit you better.
Though you can’t hide much unless you what you make is a little bigger than demonstrated on Ebabee Likes, it’s still a fun way to get your kids’ attention. See the instructions here.

via Themerrythought

4. If you’re not too big on space, hang up your calendar!
You can’t hide treats, but you can write out a claim stub and hide it in each box for the day! Your kids can retrieve their token of the day from you or any “authority” in possession of the treats.  See how to make this here.

via Designmom

5. You can also hang your calendar anywhere around the house.
Make use of fabric you’ve got lying around the house and make little treat bags to store the day’s surprises. See the instructions and free downloadable template here.

via Youaremyfave

6. Instead of forests, you can always make mountains!
You can add a few finishing touches to your plethora of mini mountains by tossing in some animal figures and a few little trees. See the step-by-step here.

We hope this gets your kids just as excited as we are to make our own calendars!

Main Photo: Ebabee

Do you have any more ideas for DIY advent calendar designs? Share it with us in the Comments!