How To Clear Your Mind After The Elections

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It’s been a tough few months for all of us, culminating in the elections last May 9. Compared to previous elections, this one was especially heated. While the passion being thrown around in social media and at dinner tables is a sign that people are not apathetic about their choices, the downside is that it also fueled rifts between alot of friendships and relationships.

Finally, we have all cast our votes and we can start going back to our old lives. However, all that debating, analyzing and negativity does get to your head and letting go of all that clutter may be a little difficult to purge. So, we would like to help by giving you some tips on how to clear your mind, and as our nominated officials have said these past few days, start healing from all of this.


You’ve voted. You’ve done your part. Done and done. Now all you can do is wait to find out who wins, in this case, who will win the vice presidential race. Debating over social media and spreading more negativity really won’t do anything but incite more negativity and stress. Just. Let. It. Go. But most especially, accept the results. Respect the majority’s choice and move on.


Give Facebook and Twitter a rest, at least for a few days. There will still be alot of opinions going around and this will just pull you into the whole “mess” even further. Try to limit dinner conversations to family matters and lighter subjects too.


Sometimes it’s better to just agree to disagree, especially when the topic is politics. Admit that things were said in the heat of the moment. Let’s all get past the drama and be friends again.


Get back to your routine. These are usually tasks, such as chores and errands, that don’t need alot of brain activity. It will give you and your brain that much needed break. It will put some normalcy back into your life.


It’s difficult, I know, especially when we are still biting our nails, waiting for the counting of votes to end. But there must be other important things that need your attention such as work, your kids, some grocery shopping, something, anything. Done all that? Binge watch Grey’s Anatomy or Daredevil 2. If the drama will not help you release some tension, maybe the violence will. And let me say again, put that phone down. Stay away from social media for the meantime. Catch the news instead.


Yes, this is addressed to you this time and not towards your kids. Lock yourself in your office or in your room and do absolutely nothing. Just bask in the ambiance of peace and quiet for a few moments. Take slow deep breaths and try to relax. Use that time to take a quick nap, too. It will refresh and invigorate your tired mind.


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