Caring For Your Hands

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Caring for our hands is important. There’s barely any activity that doesn’t require the use of the pair. Hands are our most used body parts, and also the ones that age the fastest, therefore making it that much more necessary to protect.

Consider these precautions to care for your hands

Use gloves
When doing household chores, it is best to keep your hands protected from chemicals and too much water. Even with washing dishes, the dishwashing liquids actually change your skin’s acidity and in turn take away the natural oils and protectants, leaving it rough and dry.

Make sure to moisturize your hands at least thrice a day (one in the morning and one at night) as washing your hand frequently dries it out.

Put sunscreen
Exposing your hands to the sun causes liver spots and wrinkles. Using sunscreen or sunblock with at least SPF 30 helps keep them protected while you’re out.

If you don’t have facial exfoliant, you can always opt to try massaging the back of your hands with salt or sugar. Make sure that your hands are damp when you try this.

For more tips on caring for your hands, see this article.

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