Bespoke Jewelry Designer Pamela Bahre Unveils COSMOS

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Pamela Bahre found true expression for her art and inherent spirituality through her handcrafted jewelry which began only as her own private and personal collection. Overcome by positive feedback and encouragement from friends and family, she pursued her passion and graduated from GIA in Hong Kong in 2011. From high fashion model to gemologist and jewelry designer, Pamela has been crafting jewelry for nine years as a goldsmith before her transition to jeweler.

Pamela Bahre
Pamela Bahre

Metals and gemstones are known to store, transmit, amplify and even nullify energies which can be earthly or cosmic. Pamela Bahre jewels are all about spiritual and cosmic forces, each creation having a soul of its own, crafted specially for the bearer to resonate with their soul’s desires and needs. This unique and personalized approach in designing jewelry brings about the desired energies and consciousness into his or her space and state of being. Every creation is handcrafted with the highest and purest intentions possible, infusing one’s desired energies onto the jewels. Only the noble metals gold or silver and natural gemstones with the least treatment possible are used, keeping the vibrations of the metals and gemstones pure and high, as it is in nature. The natural state of being of mankind is that which reflects the divine, that energy intelligence that has always been, it is and always will be. “COSMOS” reflects this state of being, for there is a law in the universe which states: “As above, so below.”

Pamela shares, “My aim for my jewels is to help clear the path of the bearer to embody this consciousness, this state of being where all, including us, is whole, perfect and complete. To shine forth and reflect this marvelous, magical awareness in every area of ourselves and our lives, to be inspired and empowered, as well as to inspire and empower.”

Pamela Bahre jewelry are more than just luxurious accessories. They are an experience, a transcendence, a blue print of the soul.




Pamela Bahre unveiled the highly anticipated collection, “COSMOS” on November 8, 2016 at APHRO located in The Alley at Karrivin, 2316 Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati. The jewels will be on exhibit until November 15, 2016. The unveiling was attended by top tier media and Manila society. Guests indulged in flowing wine and bubbly by Wine Depot.

To schedule your personal consultation with Pamela Bahre, please call +63 949 888 9238, email or visit

Photos provided by Pamela Bahre

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