Beauty Life Hacks For Every Mom

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Lately I have been rediscovering the joy of putting on my makeup leisurely, even while my kids are most likely wreaking havoc. As a mom, I treat those few minutes as part of the small increments of me-time I try to squeeze in a day. I treat putting on makeup as way to add to my confidence and a part of caring for myself. For me, having kids means I need to take even better care of myself rather than neglecting myself.

In my experience, putting on makeup does not even take more than a couple of minutes. A good place to start is to look at your face and see what makes you look least presentable or sleepy and touch that up first when you’re really pressed for time. I personally hate leaving home without my brows. What makes me look like my baby kept me up all night is uneven complexion and a lack of color so when the going gets tough, a.k.a. I have to get two tiny humans out the door all by myself (one of which I also have to nurse), I can settle for bb cream or concealer to even out my skintone, lip and cheek mousse, and curling my lashes. This usually takes one minute to apply. Got an extra minute? Fill your brows and add mascara. If you have 5 minutes to spare, I suggest a wash of light eye shadow to make you look more awake or champagne/peppermint eyeliner on your bottom waterline plus brown eyeliner on your top eyelids.

Here are some beauty life-hacks I’ve developed while being mom to a 2-year old daughter and a 7-month old son:

Learn to do your makeup in the car

I grew up to my mom always primping in the car while my dad drove. Having 2 kids of my own, I’ve now become an expert at doing my face using the sun visor mirror or whatever product I have on hand that has the biggest mirror.

Choose double duty products

Multitasking moms need their multitasking beauty products. I like using lip and cheek mousse, foundation and concealer or bb cream with SPF, or a stick foundation that doubles as a concealer. I also love brow pencils with brow brushes on the other end.

Buy makeup that works

As mothers, we love to scrimp on ourselves because funds could be spent better elsewhere, but quality makeup is often worth the tag because it does the job. I usually like long wearing makeup because I won’t need touch-ups after. I often don’t even have space in my brain to check my face once my kids are up and about. After I’ve done my makeup, it better last me for at least 6 hours!

Use the right brushes

For example, use a stippling brush for liquid or cream base makeup because it blends and spreads product in a snap.

Take care of your skin

If you have healthy, clear skin, you already skip one to two steps, which saves even more time. So don’t forget to wash your face and apply moisturizer before turning in at night.

Bare or not, your face is beautiful

Smile and don’t be apologetic of your bare face if you bump into someone you know. You’re calling more attention to something they might not have even noticed. Spritz on your favorite perfume to help you feel ready for the day or pull out your big sunnies if you want to hide your lack of eye makeup.

*Ronna Capili-Bonifacio is a writer, editor and work-from-home mom of two beautiful children, Vera and Matteo. She also runs her own beauty and personal blog,


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