Baby CPR Nursery Rhyme You Should Know By Heart

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There is nothing more stressful and scarier than having to bring our young children to the emergency room. But what if our infants suddenly stop breathing? Even a reckless drive to the emergency room may be a moment too late to save our babies. Sadly, however, a big percentage of parents don’t know the first thing about how to give CPR to a baby. As responsible parents, we should arm ourselves with basic first aid knowledge. Let this video from St. John Ambulance be our first lesson in emergency response.

St. John Ambulance, a charitable organization founded in the UK that is dedicated to spreading the word and teaching medical first aid and provides ambulance and community volunteer services, came out with this adorable nursery rhyme about how to administer baby CPR.

The video, which stars well-loved nursery rhyme characters such as Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, The Cat and The Fiddle and the Incy Wincy Spider, makes it fun to watch for parents and kids alike. Jack and Jill demonstrate how baby CPR is performed, while The Fiddle gives clear instructions. Most importantly, the nursery rhyme is catchy and very easy to remember that even your older children (and yayas) will be able to remember it in a snap, which may come in handy when they are left alone in the house with your infants and God forbid, disaster strikes.

How to administer baby CPR:

1. Call an ambulance.
2. Lay your baby down on a flat surface and tilt his head back.
3. Give 5 puffs of air through the mouth and nose.
4. Give 30 pumps to the baby’s chest using 2 fingers.
5. Repeat with 2 puffs of air through the mouth and nose and 30 pumps to the chest until the ambulance comes.


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