Always Start the Day with This

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Who knew that the simple combination of lemon and warm water could be so powerful?

This video from Leaf TV explains the benefits of drinking warm water and lemon—essentially warm lemonade sans sweeteners—in the morning.

We encourage you to watch the video because not only does it show exactly how the drink is made (it’s not exactly rocket science), but it also explains each benefit in detail. But if you’re easily convinced, here’s a quick look on these 9 benefits:

1. Cleanses your system.
2. It is energizing and mood enhancing.
3. Helps balance pH levels.
4. Hydrates your lymphatic system.
5. Boosts your immune system.
6. Promotes healing.
7. Clears skin.
8. Aids in weight loss.
9. Freshens breath.
Coffee, tea, or this drink in the morning? Let us know in the Comments!