A Rustic Yet Elegant Wedding Anniversary Dinner

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For my parents’ 41st Anniversary, my father surprised my mother with a wonderful dinner with family and friends at The Test Kitchen, a fine dining restaurant. To up the ante of that very special day, my dad asked me to decorate our table. I happily agreed as 41 years of marriage is indeed something to celebrate!

I opted for a rustic yet elegant look, combining seemingly contrasting elements and textures such as glass and wood, lace and twine. I wanted the dinner to feel more like a mini wedding reception to make my parents feel as if they were getting married all over again.

Since we occupied one long table, I made four centerpieces which comprised of old clear juice bottles which I wrapped in lace and twine, turning them into vases. I filled each with dainty carnations, baby’s breath and other tropical blooms. Height and depth was added by placing the bottles on wooden blocks. I used tea candles to light the centerpieces and to give it a relaxing glow.

Old juice bottles get an upgrade when wrapped in twine and lace
Placing the bottles on wooden blocks of varying heights ad depth

For the table runner, I just used a couple of meters of beautiful lace. It made for a lovely backdrop to the overall design. My parents and their guests particularly loved the framed pictures from their wedding 41 years ago and pictures they had taken together through the years as a married couple.

Lace was perfect as the table runner
My parents were delightfully surprised that I unearthed their old wedding photos and put them on display
To show “then” and “now”, pictures of my parents throughout their years of marriage were also framed for their guests to see

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