A Peek At Target’s New Kids’ Décor

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FeaturedImageIf you’re looking into redesigning your little one’s room, we urge you to consider the style of Target’s new kids’ décor to be released on February 21.

Children are tiny humans with personalities of their own, much like their adult counterparts. Some like one thing, others like something completely different, so it really can be a bit of a challenge to reflect the preferences of your child with their room’s interiors. What we love about Target’s new kids’ décor adorably named Pillowfort—aside from its Wes Anderson-esque style—is that there’s a ton of variety in the designs, and it’s a big leap from the regular princess and superheroes themes.

Target’s made it a point to level with the young ones just to see what it is they’re really interested in by having the design team talk with guests, both parents and children, to be able to create the Pillowfort line. The end product was more than 1,200 playful pieces including stuffed animals, beautifully patterned beddings, fanciful décor, and so much more that can turn an ordinary kids’ room into a playroom they’d never want to leave. The products are also categorized into 12 whimsical themes like Tropical Treehouse, Stellar Station, and Ocean Oasis.

The most fantastic part about this is distinct designs for kids’ rooms (like flamingoes, whales, and octopi) that are difficult to find and usually just found online are now more accessible thanks to Target. We know we don’t have Target here, but we’re hoping that the trend catches on in the Philippines so it can be made locally accessible here, too. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

See some of the stuff we like the most below.

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You can order the Pillowfort collection online starting February 21.

Photos: Target 

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