A Husband’s Love For His Wife Translated Into Illustrations

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“July 20th, 2011 – I still learn something new about my wife every day. She is a professional painter.”

Love knows no bounds; it seeps through our words, displays through our actions, and leaves subtle imprints across the earth even long after we’re gone.

One man in particular made known the love he has for his wife through a set of illustrations drawn each day that they spend together. Artist, Curtis Wiklund, explains on his website that it was inspired by a 365-day photography project, which the love of his life started way back in 2011. He was supposed to be a similar project but by use of drawings, a visual diary of how each day went, however he realized that most of what he was creating was sketches of him and his wife.

It’s always heartwarming things to see someone so madly in love, and it shows in Wiklund’s interview with He gushes over how their relationship as a couple isn’t just purely romantic, that it’s firmly built on friendship as well. The drawings he made during the yearlong project were always presented to his wife early the next morning, and he says it’s his own version of a love letter. Who wouldn’t love waking up to such a special gift everyday?

What’s more touching about Wiklund’s little project is that they also include the dreams he shares with his wife, and scenes of their moments with their two children now. Now if that isn’t true love, we don’t know what is.

After receiving much positive attention from the sketches he’s posted online, Wiklund decided to make a book titled The Drawings of Us. It’s yet to be released, but you can keep posted by following his Instagram.

See more of Curtis Wiklund’s art on his website.

Photos: Curtiswiklundphoto

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