A DIY Hot Wheels Themed Party

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My son, Emilio, is crazy about cars. He loves them so much that our house is quite literally littered with all arrays of toys with wheels. And he always wants some kind of car theme for his birthday parties. Thus, I’ve done quite a few automobile themed parties for him like a Disney Cars party and a Monster Truck Jam party. For his 4th birthday, he requested for a Hot Wheels party.

I always decide on a color scheme first when styling a party as it ties all elements together and makes every themed celebration look seamless and well-thought-out. For Mio’s Hot Wheels party, I chose blue and orange as the main colors with touches of yellow, red and black and white checkered patterns as highlights.

I love DIY-ing, so whenever I get the chance to style parties I always try to think of ways to get crafty with my hands. Making things myself doesn’t only get my creative juices flowing, it also saves me ALOT of money and keeps me within budget. Besides laying out the design for the backdrop, which was a first for me, I made the race flags and paper pompoms. These were used as pops of color against the checkered flag design of the wooden backdrop which was made by Happycrueltree, a woodwork and production design company.

Traffic cones, traffic lights, race flags, tire details and a toy race track communicated the theme to a tee

For the dessert table, I made a big M-shaped race track by cutting it out of an illustration board and painted white stripes down the center to make it look like a road. I decorated the dessert table with one of Mio’s many toy race tracks lying around the house, traffic cones, race flags and traffic lights made out of wooden blocks and paint.

The DIY M-shaped race track was the perfect addition to the details on the dessert table

I loved the awesome Hot Wheels birthday cake made by Winnie of Sugar Mom. She also made cupcakes, tire-shaped cake pops and adorable race car sugar cookies which the guests took home as party favors.

This Hot Wheels birthday cake, complete with its own race track and race cars is just too cute
Mini chocolate cupcakes with Hot Wheels toppers
Tire-shaped cake pops and race car sugar cookies for guests to take home
Witty play of words are always a good idea to leave a lasting impression

The table centerpieces where a simple DIY project. I bought orange soccer cones and poked a couple of holes at the the top where I inserted balloon sticks with Hot Wheels decals, balloons and Mio’s name as added decor.

A simple but well-though-of centerpiece with the right details are all you need
I used soccer cones, balloons, Hot Wheels print outs and race flags to make the table centerpieces

It was a simple celebration but full of fun and colorful details. We can do this for your kids’ parties as well. If you want us to style your parties, get in touch with us through this link or call Nins of Happycrueltree at 0917-8459641.

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