A Boy And A Man Talk About Life

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When was the last time you had a serious talk with your little one about life?

Ireland based creative team Facts sat a 7 year old and a 64 year old down to have a little chat about some fairly serious stuff. The footage of their brief discussion showed a couple of intriguing similarities and differences between the two, it shed some light on how each understood the other’s situation, and eventually ended with some good lessons that even we could learn from.

The conversation starts out as simple and fun however the more that the two share about themselves, the deeper their conversation goes. It comes to a point when the old man tells his young counterpart an unfortunate event that he’s experienced in his life. The boy expresses empathy and even suggests that he might cry, but is comforted with some wise words from the old man. He says that it’s okay, and while both bad and sad things may happen throughout our lives, there are still a number of good things that have happened for us to remember fondly. He reminds the young boy to always keep a positive attitude in spite of the things that might discourage him from continuing to move forward. It’s a good reminder for us adults as well, really, because often are there circumstances that provoke our anger and impatience that only really make things much worse than it should be, and the best possible way to avoid that is keeping a positive attitude.

Aside from the wisdom the 64 year old has to offer, there’s something else we love about the video, it’s the juxtaposition of the two individuals placed front and center: one has lived a full life and one still has yet to live his life out. Their experiences and points of view may differ, but they both have enough respect and patience to hear out what each has to say in spite of the age gap. It’s good practice to take the time to listen to what children have to say because at the same time you catch a lesson or two from them, too, or simply just learn about who they are in the process.

Watch the old man and the young boy’s conversation below.

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