9 Musts for an Easy Breezy Al Fresco Party

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Summer’s here and that’s enough reason to throw a great outdoor party. The above photo shows one of KATE’s favorites, Athena Calderone,  prepping a summer dinner party for friends. See all the awesome pics from this at Lonny. In the meantime, if you are about to plan your own outdoor soiree, here are 9 things you need to factor in when planning that awesome party.

1. Music

Great tunes are a must in any celebration, whether indoors or outdoors. It sets the mood and the tempo of your party and keeps everyone in a happy mood. All you need is your mp3 player, good quality speakers, and a well-curated playlist of songs.

2. Comfortable seating

When we think of an outdoor party, we think lounge area. Get the foldable chairs out of the garage and add some seat cushions for added comfort. You may also go the boho route and lay a blanket or banig on the grass, several throw pillows of varying colors and sizes, a tea table or two—and you’re set for a cozy, laid-back celebration. (Photo: Mary Knows Best)

3. Breeze

In our country, a cool breeze is hard to come by, especially during the summer months. Have electrical fans—industrial is best—ready for use if the heat becomes too intense.

4. Shade

Especially in the summer, your guests will need some moments of reprieve from the heat. Make sure you have some garden umbrellas ready for your guests to take cover in. If you don’t have these, a pretty blanket or throw, propped up on the side of your wall will do the trick—plus, it will look effortlessly chic! (Photo: Indulgy)

5. Good food

No need for explanations here! Unless it’s a sit-down al fresco dinner, an outdoor party loves finger foods and hors d’oeuvres.

6. Refreshments

Chilled beverages are always best for outdoor festivities held in the mornings or afternoons. Keep it flowing and hassle-free by having a crystal refreshment dispenser (with a spout) ready. Filled with ice and an array of beers, a cooler or even a huge tin bucket or a barrel is a party in itself. Having dinner under the moonlight? The answer: wine. And lots of it.


7. Lighting

Not only is lighting functional, as you won’t have to worry if your party goes on till after twilight, but it plays a huge part in setting the atmosphere of your event. We always prefer yellow light. Not only is it easy on the eyes, you’ll look great in your groupfies too! (Photo: Lonny)

8. Pest control

Insects, like pesky mosquitoes and flies, come with the territory, but it doesn’t mean they’re invited to the party. Light some lemongrass or citronella candles, style them next to some low vases with tropical blooms and you have a secret weapon, hiding in plain (and pretty) sight.

9. Decor

Any celebration should be beautiful. It will make your guests feel more welcome when they see that not only have you prepared a sumptuous spread but tasteful surroundings as well. Several white Japanese lanterns, candles, and some lovely flowers arranged in vases will create an attractive space. But remember, it doesn’t have to be picture perfect. Always make it a point to add a bit of your style and personality to how you style your space—it will always feel more real and more organic. (Photo: librarygeekwoes)

Do you have your own outdoor party tricks and tips? Share in the Comments!