8 Mom Habits To Break This 2016

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We gave you some habits to get into for the year this week, and now to balance things out, we’re giving you a few that may be best to get out of.

The most undoubtedly difficult job in the world is being a mother. You’ve seen it from your own mother, another person’s mother, and now that you are one, perhaps it’s time to reconsider a few of the habits you might be doing that aren’t actually as good as you think they are.

1. Multitasking your phone time with playtime. While it might be difficult to divide your time and find the “me time” you know you deserve, not paying better attention to your little ones while they are trying to talk or play with you is potential quality time lost. Your kids are only going to be young once, eventually when they grow up; you aren’t going to be their entire world anymore. Take advantage of the love and attention they give you now.
2. Letting punishments pass. Say your child’s broken a rule in the house or has misbehaved and a bit of punishment is in order; you can’t just let it slip by. Set a warning count limit, and at the end have something like a little timeout. Help your little one learn to take responsibility for their actions.
3. Punishing before listening to your child’s side. In line with the previous number, before you settle with giving consequences listen to what your little one has to say. Let them say their piece no matter how crazy it might sound. Talking it out will help you understand their behavior and unearth some problems they might be hiding from you, too.
4. Comparing your children. If you have more than one child, there’s bound to be a little favoritism and comparing. As much as possible try to avoid it because chances are one is going to feel bad and it may affect his or her esteem.
5. Setting up boundaries based on gender. The whole “blue is for boys and pink is for girls” is ridiculous reasoning. Allow the little ones to choose as they please and be themselves, they should feel the safest with you more than anyone else.
6. Investing more time with your kids than your husband. Sure you’ve got a responsibility to take care of the small versions of you, but that shouldn’t hinder the quality of your relationship with your other half. Never forget to put in the effort of working on growing with your husband through both thick and thin.
7. Forgetting there’s an outside world. Do your work, meet new people, and see your friends. There’s life without the family, too, and it’s okay to give time for that for your own sake.
8. Sleeping too little. It’s an unhealthy habit that could shorten your life the more you miss out on it. If you’re having trouble sleeping, see our tips for a better night’s rest.

Here’s to a new and improved you for the beautiful new year!

Have any more bad habits you’d like to suggest to break this 2016? Share it with us in the Comments!