How To: 7 Summer Ponytails

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Summer is perfect for epic beach vacations where you can get a golden tan and sport fabulous, devil-may-care, frizzy beach hair a la Sports Illustrated cover. While your tan will be envied by your colleagues, as you walk back to work, your frizzy humidity-induced hair, however, won’t be. Heat and humidity have never been our friends when it comes to our hair. More often than not, due to the bad hair day conditions that summer brings, we just pull our hair up in a ponytail and plow through the rest of our days.

That is why this 7 Days Of Ponytails tutorial by Kayley Melissa, a YouTube beauty channel that serves up creative and doable hairstyles for everyone, is an absolute revelation! With these styles, who would say you’ve ever used a ponytail to hide bad hair? I’ve already tried a couple, and being a mom who’s always had her hair up in a ponytail, I am more that ecstatic to make it seem as if I actually have time to fix my hair in the morning before I chauffeur my kids to and from their summer activities! LOL.


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