6 Things To Do To Get Work Done Efficiently

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When there are a ton of things on your plate it can get a little chaotic, but there’s a way around it—six, actually.

We’ve given you a list of morning rituals that most successful people do before, and now we’re letting you in on the tricks that should help you power through the heap of tasks you need to fulfill either for work or for the family. Time Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, tells Time how to go about business in the best possible way. See the list below.

1. Manage your mood
The best way to begin the new day is with a positive mood, a calm one. “I try to have the first 80 to 90 minutes of my day vary as little as possible. I think that a routine is necessary to feel in control and non-reactive, which reduces anxiety. It therefore also makes you more productive,” shares Ferriss. We suggest listening to some light jazz at the start of your day for some good vibes.

2. Don’t check email in the morning
Checking your inbox first thing in the morning actually takes away time that could be spent for your benefit and putting it in for others, it also thrusts your gears into full swing, forcing you to think immediately. Allow yourself the time to do the previous tip and filter in the positive mood.

3. Before doing a task, ask yourself if it should be done at all
Sure you’ve got a ton of things to do, but is it really all that necessary or important? It’s all about your priorities.

4. Disregard the distractions
Focus on the tasks at hand; don’t let technology’s advanced features hinder you from finishing your work. It’s really a gift and a curse that gadgets now are packed with all these apps that take away your attention faster a goldfish can focus. Aside from the gadgets, keep yourself in an environment free of others capable of bothering you. The best time you’ll get this is early in the morning, just a little ways after you’ve managed your mood.

5. Have a personal system
Think of it as your routinely habit. The more you’re used to doing things, the easier it will be to keep at what you’re doing because it feels natural, like taking coffee at 5:30 in the morning and getting dressed at 6:00.

6. Identify the priorities of tomorrow in the evening
The last but not the least tip is to be prepared for the next day. “Define one or two most important to-dos before dinner, the day before,” says Ferriss. The most effective way is to write down those set goals so you don’t dive into the day bling. Make a list; check it twice, and then you can relax.

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