6 Beauty Resolutions You Should Keep This Year

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It’s the third week of January. Are you still on track with your New Year’s resolutions or are they slowly becoming broken promises? The key to keeping to your resolutions is to make them reasonable and doable. Anything that will make you break so far from your routine would probably fizzle out by February. If you want an upgrade, making simple changes to your beauty regimen will do wonders to how you will look and feel this year.

Here are 6 beauty resolutions you should keep, if you haven’t already, that are so easy to stick to, they’d be a part of your usual routine in no time.

Sleep more

Not getting enough sleep not only deprives your body and your skin of nourishment, it will decrease your skin’s pH levels resulting to dullness, redness and uneven skin tone. It may also result in breakouts. So make it a habit to sleep more and you’ll wake up feeling and looking refreshed each morning.

Drink lots of water

You drink water anyway, right? So just drink a couple more glasses per day than you usually do. Boosting your water intake will not only be great for your body, it will give your skin a healthy glow. Dehydration makes skin look dull and dry so consider bringing a water bottle around and take a few gulps every now and then.


You’re probably wondering why this is included in this list when it’s the oldest, most basic beauty tip in the book. It is so essential, that it needs repeating, just in case there are still some out there who fail to make moisturizing a part of their beauty routine. Moisturizing has it benefits in the long haul. Hydration has a lot to do with skin repair and regeneration which slows down signs of aging.

Clean your brushes

You use your brushes on your face everyday, so the cleaner they are, the better. Makeup and oil build-up on your sponges and brushes can get nasty as bacteria tend to proliferate on them through time. You wouldn’t want spreading bacteria on your face, do you? Clean your foundation sponges and concealer brushes once a week as bacteria loves moisture. For the rest, twice a month will do.

Remove your makeup before washing your face

Most of us think that using a facial cleanser to remove make-up can do the trick, but it is simply not enough. Most facial cleansers can’t take-off concealer, foundation and sunscreen completely. Use cleansing oils, wipes or creams to thoroughly remove makeup before washing your face. This way, you’re sure that your pores will be squeaky clean and your skin will breathe better. Not to mention drastically decreasing chances of developing zits.

Ease up on the styling

If you have time to blow dry your hair before you go out every morning, then I envy you. However, it’s also a good idea to take it easy on your locks. Give the blow dryer and the iron a rest a couple of days a week to give your hair some much needed down time from heat damage. The trick? Get an easy breezy wash and wear haircut and invest on good anti-frizz hair products.


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