45 Child Musical Prodigies Singing ‘Heal The World’ Is What The World Needs Right Now

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It seems that the world is on a downward spiral–the violence in Allepo, the bombings in Pakistan and Paris, the injustice towards African-Americans in the US, and the rising death toll caused by the unlawful war on drugs in the Philippines.

Fear and hate is spreading everywhere. No place is safe, especially for our children.

That is why this Michael Jackson tribute video produced by Mumbai-based music duo, Maati Baani, struck a cord with me. I must admit, I shed tears watching this very touching video. 45 of the most musically talented children from across the globe, singing “Heal The World”, is the cry for help we need to hear, especially now. Our children are literally asking us to “heal the world we live in. Save it for our children”. It could not get any simpler yet clearer than that. Let’s start now to let love, compassion and justice reign because if we don’t, we let hate and fear prevail. What kind of world then will we leave our children?

As a mother, I am grief-stricken at what is happening in the world right now, but more so by what is happening in my own country. While I understand that the current administration means well, and wants observable change to happen, I do not agree with the methods by which it employs. I, too, want criminals and drug pushers to pay for their sins, for snuffing out countless lives of innocent people. But even if 16 million people feel it is acceptable to kill criminals without evidence or due process, that is simply something I can never be a part of. To accept this is to teach my children that it is okay to kill because it is the quicker way to rid this world of the bad. To accept this is to tell my children that it is okay to murder as long as it serves the greater good. But, isn’t killing also the way of the terrorists we most fear? The very people who wreck havoc by believing that killing is a necessary evil, to show all of us that they mean business?

I’m just an ordinary citizen hoping for peace as much as the next person, but as a Christian, I could never jump THAT fence. I just don’t see how taking the road of violence, hate and fear will eventually lead to a peaceful tomorrow.

Amidst all of this craziness, what grounds me are my children. I just look at them and instantly, I know. In my heart of hearts all I want for them is to grow up knowing LOVE. I want them to know compassion and brotherhood and forgiveness. That even if they live in this cruel world, as long as they stay true and live in love and faith, even if the world forsakes them, then I would die happily knowing that they chose to preserve what is pure and good in their hearts. I would know that I have done right by them because they chose to preserve their humanity, their morality and their souls.


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