4 Tips To An Artful Wall

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How many art pieces have you put up in your home’s wall? Did you know that how you set those lovely pieces has an effect on the space it’s in?

Canadian designer Robin De Groot’s shed some light on the issue of tastefully hanging up art pieces on his personal blog, sharing some helpful tips and useful facts to blending wall art well into a room. We’ve collated the knowledge he’s shared into 4 quick tips. See them below.

1. Make use of picture hanging hooks.
Picture-hanging hooks may look flimsy compared to screws and nails, but they were actually designed to hold and support those seemingly heavy frames. You just need to make sure to purchase the proper hook as there are numerous types of them. De Groot recommends using 2 hooks for one art piece not just for safety purposes, but also to avoid the tilting of the piece.

2. Have an “assistant” around.
The second person isn’t just for holding up the piece for you to see, the second person is also your second opinion.

3. Medium to large-sized artworks should be 60 inches above the floor.
De Groot clarifies that it’s not an always type of thing as it depends on the room’s space and design, however it is the standard especially for artworks hung as one or in pairs.

4. Experiment with groupings.
You can opt for grids, pairs, and a salon style or gallery installation. The last grouping doesn’t need a collection of framed artworks, it could be made up of various pieces like mirrors or prized possessions.

As a last tip for figuring out how to hang up art pieces, De Groot suggests cutting out newspapers into the same sizes of what you plan to put up. Stick them up on the wall to see whether or not the placement works.

Read De Groot’s full article here.

Photo: Sfgirlbybay 

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