4 Tips For A Well-Lit Room

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Proper lighting plays a crucial role in any space, whether it’s for your bedroom, your kitchen, or your living room.

Amp up your lighting at home as part of your fresh start to the long year ahead with a few simple tips that will change the way you feel in any room.

1. Layer your lights.
It isn’t necessary that you light the entire room with just one insanely bright light, having various sources of illumination works quite well. David Rockwell tells Elle, “The best-lit rooms have layers of light that blend well together.”

2. Invest in dimmers.
Having your electrician add in a dimmer to your light will not only allow you to adjust the lighting as you please, it also helps save on your energy consumption and increases your bulb life. No need to change those bulbs as often!

3. Familiarize yourself with bulbs.
Knowing which types of bulbs to put in will help in the mood you want to bring to the room. It also helps to know which bulbs you shouldn’t get. Interior designer, Andrew Galuppi, insists that fluorescent tubes are a no-go as “They make everything look off color and can lead to fatigued eyes.”

4. Mind the purpose of the room you’re lighting.
When setting up lights in various rooms, never forget its main function. Take for example the kitchen, since there’s a lot of work done there it’s important to light the workspace. Industrial designer, Lindsey Adelman, suggests keeping the lights below eye level. With lounging areas like the living room, incorporate various lights such as lamps that doubles as décor. The bedroom should have reading lights by the bed and at the desk aside from an overhead light (with a dimmer). The bathroom’s lighting now depends on your taste, whether you’d like it to be bright for vanity’s sake, or dim for a relaxing feel.

In the words of Interior Designer, Jennifer Woch: “Lighting can make or break any space. From brightness to bulb type, to fixture style, it all has an effect.”

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What do you think of these tips? Any of your own you’d like to add? Tell us in the Comments!