3 Pretty Ways To Cover Your Kids’ Textbooks This School Year

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If you haven’t already, I bet you’ll be going through the motions of covering your children’s notebooks and textbooks pretty soon. Usually, most of us use plastic cover but why not shake things up this year and go the craftier route and add a bit more personality and pretty to your kids’ school books.

Here are 3 easy DIYs you might like to try:

Decoupaged Notebook

This book cover decorating idea from The Sassy Life is simple yet super chic. Like new paint to room walls, using pretty paper gives old or drab old notebooks a new face lift.


You will need:
Decorative paper of your choosing
Sponge brush

Step 1. Place the front cover of the notebook onto the back of the paper and trace a line that is half inch wider on all sides. Cut along the line. Duplicate if you are doing the back cover as well.


Step 2. Using the foam brush, spread a thin layer of glue to the book cover and gently place the paper onto the book. Carefully massage the paper to make sure no air pockets form.


Step 3. Glue three flaps to the inside of the notebook.


Fabric Covered Notebook

This idea from Alyssa & Carla shows how you can up-cycle your old tattered scarves and use them as beautiful book covers.


You will need:
Fabric of your choosing

Step 1. Open the notebook and lay it flat on the back of the fabric. Trace a line about a half inch from the notebook’s edges. Cut along the line.


Step 2. Apply glue evenly on the front and back covers of the notebook. Carefully press the fabric onto the cover. Massage the fabric to make sure no air pockets form under it. Let dry.


Step 3. Glue all the edges to the inside edges of the covers. Let dry.


Washi Tape Book Covers

We love washi tape, don’t you? It’s so versatile and makes almost everything look new, fun and fresh just like these books. Just a little washi tape on a clean white surface, and viola, your school textbooks will already seem more fun to read. Thanks to Brit+Co for this fun idea.


You will need:
White paper
Washi tapes
Scotch tape

Step 1. Wrap the book with the white paper using any technique you are familiar with.


Step 2. Decorate the book with washi tapes the way you like. Shown here, the washi tapes are placed across the book for minimal but chic accents.


Photos: The Sassy Life, Alyssa & Carla, Brit+Co

Any back-to-school ideas you want to share? Let us know in the Comments.